IT professional with solid technical, managerial, and analytical skills. Proven accomplishments in leading and managing teams across the software development lifecycle.


Technical management and mentorship, business requirements analysis, test management, project managment, process engineering, solutions strategy, market research, security analysis, financial risk & budget management, executive communication & presentation, vendor management, voice of the customer analysis, DevOps/microservices architecture and design, testing automation, behavioral driven development (BDD) & test driven development (TDD), agile/scrum deliverables and release management. Software development - Python, Java, JavaScript, Perl & C#. DevOps CI/CD - Docker & various tools. Data analytics - IPython, Minitab, MS Excel data analytics-plugin. Machine learning - linear regression, scikit-learn. Natural language processing - Stanford Core NLP, Python nltk). Data format & W3C standards - JSON/XML/SOAP/JQuery

Resume (PDF)

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