At this time each year, we wish each other a happy new year. We may look back at how the past year went by and wonder if it was good or bad, but it won’t matter anymore. It is the outlook to the future that we usually think of. Will next year be a better year? I always believe that it will, so happy new year!

I came across this huge database of Atari 2600 games. There is over 8000 games, but, what is fascinating is that the site member, Rom Hunter, has put together a collection of 3000 games in one zip file. Rom Hunter writes

Now, after almost ten years of collecting and researching, the result of all this work can be downloaded below. I’m very proud to present you my personal Atari 2600 ROM collection here on Atarimania and I truly hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

 short: if you’re looking for an ordinary Atari 2600 ROM set, look elsewhere. It can be found almost everywhere on the Internet without too many problems. If you’re looking for the most genuine and best documented Atari 2600 ROM collection in the world, then look no further: this is the place to be.

I managed to download the collection and am playing the games, at least some of them, via Stella emulator on Linux

I encountered this document on “Data Mining and Predictive Analytics News” group on Facebook. It was initially started by Abdulloh Abdulkariym and is being updated by the group’s community. This is very useful material for #big data and #machine learning.

Data Sets

For Social Data (Twitter)

For Multiple Category

Have a look at the link given down below, it contains list of many different data set ranging from MBs to TBs and belong to many different category and which are available to use for the research purpose or for any application purpose.




Machine Learning

Public Domain Collections


Social Sciences

Time Series


Text Mining

A number of datasets can be found at:


A non-profit organization is attempting to encourage Lebanese people abroad or those of Lebanese ancestry  to activate their citizenship and their children’s as well. Their site, I Am Lebanese (, says:

I AM LEBANESE is a non profit initiative created to increase the number of Lebanese citizens, regardless of age, political or religious affiliation. Our global network facilitates Lebanese citizenship and aims to develop the connection between Lebanon and the global Lebanese diaspora.

In another segment, the site says:

There are an estimated 12 million Lebanese descendants around the world.Only 1.2 million have active Lebanese citizenships.This means that only 10% of us can pass on nationality to our children, vote, or benefit from the rights we are entitled… 

Unlike Lebanon, many governments around their world take on official efforts to entice their citizens abroad to come back. Our Lebanese government, on the other hand, is currently dysfunctional. Hence, efforts by nonprofits, such as I Am Lebanese, is truly noble. If you are Lebanese living abroad and have children or spouse who can be registered as Lebanese citizen, our country Lebanon will only get better with a unified non-sectarian modern society.

Check the link: Why Citizenship Matters?

Frontiers for Young Minds ( is a scientific journal for kids and edited by kids.
It is lead by Professor Robert Knight from the University of California at Berkeley.It’s mission is to engage our future generation in scientific research. Check it out. There is also an article about the program at

Photo: Great news for kids, parents, teachers and neuroscientists! We have just launched the first Frontiers for Young Minds!   Frontiers in #Neuroscience for Young Minds is an #openaccess scientific journal that involves young people in the review of articles.   This has the double benefit of bringing kids into the world of science and offering scientists a platform for reaching out to the broadest of all audiences.  Frontiers for Young Minds is science edited for kids, by kids. Learn more and spread the word! #sfn13
I admit. I am addicted to text-based apps. Ever since I first place text-based adventures (remembering Zork, Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy, Hobbit, and others), I got hooked to text rather than mouse or graphics. Speaking of Zork, the games are available on Plus there is comprehensive blog post about Zork and Infocom games on Other ext-based games are also available on (The Interactive Fiction Database).

Sorry, I got carried away. The reason that I wanted to blog today is to say there is a cool text-based Twitter application, TTYtter. It is based on Perl and is loaded with functions. Check it out on

Zork - Available on PC Mac Android iPad iPhone
I have been using Evernote Permium for many years now. It is a great tool to store notes on the go. Google Drive, on the other hand, is the place to go (along with Dropbox) for file storage. The caveat with such cloud tools is that they really don’t like to be in sync with each other (maybe because of competition?). A third party tool is needed and that is cloudHQ from . It is the perfect solution that will allow you to sync, either 2-way or 1-way, between your cloud accounts. Check it on

Accidentally found this on one of Debian forums:

“I use pico.” 
“Hah! Pico. You are lame. Get a real editor, like emacs.” 
“Emacs isn’t pre-installed on Unix systems. Real geeks use vi.” 
“Oh yeah? I do everything with ed!” 
“Well, **** that, I just use cat.” 
“That’s nothing. I edit my system’s raw partition directly.” 
“You’re not a real hacker until you’ve manually sent electronic signals with a couple of batteries over your keyboard’s wires by hand.” 
“But you have to use a pre-fabricated power source. I shuffle along the floor and discharge my information through static electricity directly onto the wiretraces of my motherboard. And you have to be very skilled to not to cause ESD damage.”